Single Review: BANKS – Look What You’re Doing To Me (feat. Francis and the Lights)

banks look what you're doing to me

BANKS collaborates with Francis and the Lights on new tune
BANKS kicked off her new era with the release of the confident electronic R&B banger ‘Gimme’. She announced that her third album is appropriately titled III and it is rumoured to be out on the 12th of July. BANKS announced a North-American and European tour and is ready to give us some more music. She launched the new track ‘Look What You’re Doing To Me’, a collaboration with Francis and the Lights.

It is a curious tune on first listen. There is heaps of quirks in the production and the sultry vocals BANKS usually delivers, are turned into something far more raw and throaty. At the same time, the production with hand claps and finger snaps, suggests a more poppy approach and so does the uplifting hook in the chorus. At the same time though, the song has an unusual build up, almost like it combines three different tunes and the transition from one to the other does not always sound smooth on first listen. The vocals by Francis and the Lights are scarce and sound a bit randomly placed at times. The track starts to make more sense with each play and there is actually a strong hook in there somewhere, but I would be surprised if ‘Look What You’re Doing To Me’ ends up as one of my favourites on III.

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