Single Review: Anna of the North – Thank Me Later

anna of the north thank me later

Anna of the North tells you to thank her later on new single
Anna of the North is on to releasing her third single of this year. After comeback track ‘Leaning On Myself’ and follow up ‘Used To Be’, she now shares the considerably lighter and more uplifting ‘Thank Me Later’. The breezy synth pop track has a subtly swinging production with a laidback rhythm and an infectious little chorus. The backing vocals sound they were recorded at a party where people were singing along with her which adds to the carefree vibe of the tune. She dropped this just in time for summer!

The three single artworks so far have been very much on point and are all in the same style, be it with different colours, but there is no news on a release date yet! Bring it on already!

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