Single Review: Little Mix – Bounce Back


Little Mix moves on from LM5 era with brand new single ‘Bounce Back’
Little Mix dropped their most recent album LM5 about six months ago, but the British girl band seems ready to move on from that era. They recently announced the brand new single ‘Bounce Back’ and today they dropped the full track. The track was produced by StarGate and Swiff D and is built around a sample of Soul II Soul classic ‘Back To Life (However Do You Want Me)’. The production is bouncy and loud and the girls deliver punchy, fast paced vocals. They harmonize over the sample in the chorus and they did just enough with it to give it some of their personality as a band. The old school hiphop inspired sound with trumpets suits them well. It is not necessarily very radiofriendly, but at the same time too catchy to be ignored. I actually enjoy this more than most material on their previous record.┬áIt is not yet clear if another album is to follow anytime soon, but I am sure able to entertain myself with this song for a while!

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