Single Review: Naaz – Taped

Naaz Taped

Naaz returns with first new single after debut EP
Dutch-Kurdish pop artist Naaz is back with the first new material since the release of her debut EP Bits of Naaz last year. Singles of this project like ‘Up To Something’ and ‘Words’ landed her a place in A Bit of Pop Music’s list of most promising artists for 2018. Naaz so far created most of her tracks in her bedroom by herself, but for her new tune ‘Taped’ she worked with producers Askjell and Magnus Skylstad, who also produced for acts like AURORA and Sigrid. The result is possibly her best single yet!

Although I have praised all of Naaz’s earlier work and will continue to do so, it is immediately evident that she worked with different people this time around, as the production of ‘Taped’ has a fuller more accomplished overall sound. The simple productions of tracks like ‘Up To Something’ and ‘Loving Love’ had their charm, but she breaks new ground now, potentially reaching new audiences too. Naaz wrote ‘Taped’ about how she did not often speak her mind during her teenage years and how she learned to do so more recently. She feels like people often are deaf for the things they don’t want to hear, but she tries not to hold back anymore, not being ‘taped’. The lyrics in this are striking and get across the message beautifully. Vocally Naaz pushes herself to new levels as well, with a raw edge to her belting in the chorus. ‘Taped’ might just be an important step in Naaz’s road to being an internationally heard pop artist. She already announced her first European tour for this fall!

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