Single Review: Agnes – Limelight / I Trance

Agnes returns with first original solo material in seven years
Swedish pop star Agnes is officially back! The singer who had international hits about ten years ago with the tracks ‘Release Me’ and ‘On And On’, did not release any new original solo material for seven years. It was back in 2012 that her album Veritas was launched. A year later she participated in Swedish tv show Så Mycket Bättre in which artists cover each others songs. That was the last we heard from her until her voice appeared on a track on DJ Avicii’s posthumous album. Now she is officially making a solo comeback with the double single ‘Limelight’ and ‘I Trance’.

For Avicii track ‘Tough Love’, Agnes worked with producer duo Vargas & Lagola (of which first half, Vincent Pontare, is her partner) and they co-wrote and produced the two new tracks too. ‘Limelight’ could be described as the more instant track of the two which mostly stays true to the dance pop sound with a twist of disco she became successful with. This time around however, she pushes things further with a more exciting production and a song structure that is not just built around the chorus. It sure is less poppy and tailor made for radio, but it still is a bop with bucket loads of hooks with an exquisite production with a proper climax. ‘Limelight’ is what Agnes always did best, but without boundaries. It is out of the box, but still catchy as hell.

With ‘I Trance’ we go into more experimental territory where Agnes actually seems to be trying to put us in a trance. There is something greatly hypnotic about this tune that keeps drawing me in with every spin. Vocally, Agnes sounds more sensual and restrained which add to the hypnotic vibe which is exactly what this tune needs. This still upbeat electronic pop tune has less of a clear cut hook than ‘Limelight’, but still presents catchy enough melody lines to get you hooked. The beats are deeper than before and the track builds up to an oh so satisfying climax in terms of the production. What a tune!

Agnes evolved her sound enough to stay relevant, but not too much to estrange her fans from way back when. I did not really expect her to ever come back this strong, but here she is!

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