Single Review: Taylor Swift – The Archer

Taylor Swift Lover

Taylor Swift drops understated synth ballad ‘The Archer’
Taylor Swift is about to release her next studio album Lover on the 23rd of August. After the extremely poppy and insanely catchy singles ‘ME!’ and ‘You Need To Calm Down’, the American pop star decided to slow things down quite a bit. With producer and songwriter Jack Antonoff, she created the song ‘The Archer’ which is now released as a bit of a teaser for the record. The synth ballad is the type of song you would hear in a prom scene in an 80s high school movie. The production is delicate and seems to slowly build up to something bigger, but a proper climax simply does not happen which leaves us with our hunger after every play. ‘The Archer’ is not particularly memorable in terms of melodies either, but it has to be said that Swift delivers one of her most beautiful vocal performances in the recent memory of her career. Definitely not Taylor’s strongest or most hit worthy material, but she at least proves she can still do more stripped back and emotive songs as opposed to the recent pop bangers she threw at us.

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