Single Review: Katy Perry – Small Talk

katy perry small talk

Katy Perry launches new tune ‘Small Talk’
Katy Perry appeared to be back on track when she launched the massive break up (but not really) bop ‘Never Really Over’. After a period of less commercial success and more backlash, she seemed to have found her swing again with the well produced and even more well written pop tune. She now follows up the track with new single ‘Small Talk’ which was co-written and co-produced by pop star Charlie Puth.

Where ‘Never Really Over’ told the story of not wanting to fully give up on a former lover while still thinking about reconnecting, ‘Small Talk’ serves natural progression as next single, as it describes the phase that comes after. Katy and her ex went from ‘strangers to lovers to strangers’ as they now don’t know what goes on in each others lives anymore and are only capable of small talk about the weather and such. So relatable lyrical content? Check! But what about the rest? ‘Small Talk’ is an instantly catchy light pop tune with an earworm of a chorus. The melody does not even need the ‘Blah Blah Blah’ sub chorus to get stuck in your head straight away. The pace is a bit more laidback in comparison to its predecessor, but still swinging enough to call it a bop. The production is contemporary and playful and mostly underlines the impeccable melody. Sounds like a hit to me! Katy Perry is back!

Update: Katy Perry is a vintage housewife with the cutest dog in the video for ‘Small Talk’.

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