Single Review: Adam Lambert – Superpower

adam lambert superpower


Adam Lambert drops first single of Velvet: Side A
Although Adam Lambert started the promotion of his new era titled Velvet earlier this year, plans seemed to have changed slightly. On the 27th of September, he launches the EP Velvet: Side A, but the promo single ‘Feel Something’ and singles ‘New Eyes’ and ‘Comin In Hot’ don’t appear on this collection. He might save them for the Side B… What we know for sure however, is that ‘Superpower’, the single he released today, will be on there and it is steaming hot!

The track, co-written by Lambert, Ilsey and Tommy English and produced by English, is an outspoken anthem that according to Lambert stands up for all discriminated and ostracised groups in today’s society. Over an upbeat rhythm with rocking guitars, he sings how he won’t be made into something he is not and you better know he will always get back up. Over the chorus, in which he claims back his ‘Superpower’, an irresistibly filthy bassline kicks in. The production is perfect and this blend of electro pop, rock and a little taste of glam is exactly what we need from Adam and his fabulous vocals. The accompanying video is colourful and fierce and perfectly suits the message of the song. This is his best release of this era so far!

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