Single Review: Dotan – Letting Go

dotan letting go

Dotan wants to let go of it all on his new single
The past year has been a tough one for Dutch singer-songwriter Dotan. He got exposed last year for using fake fan accounts to boost his own popularity and has repeatedly apologized in interviews. Earlier this week he opened up about his relationship with his boyfriend for the first time and he is ready for the next step with his brand new single ‘Letting Go’. After singing about the tough periods in his life on preceding single ‘Numb’, he now wants to let it all go.

Although the single could be viewed as a new beginning in terms of the lyrical content, Dotan does stay true to his sound. ‘Letting Go’ has his usual bombastic sound in the chorus with choir like backing vocals and prominent drums. Like ‘Numb’, the production here is less acoustic and seems more inspired on bands like Imagine Dragons. His vocals on the big notes in the chorus sound powerful, without making it too much of a belting fest. The lyrics are said to deal with the time he was not open about his sexuality (he spoke about his relationship with his boyfriend on Dutch television for the first time earlier this week). One can say what one wants about Dotan’s sincerity or strategy in his comeback, but so far he has been delivering the tunes. Both ‘Numb’ and ‘Letting Go’ belong to his absolute best work.

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