Single Review: Halsey – Graveyard

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Halsey announces Manic album and releases ‘Graveyard’
After Halsey had the biggest solo hit of her career last year with ‘Without Me’, she proved she is an unpredictable pop star with the electronic rock and punk pop attitude of follow up single ‘Nightmare’. Both tracks are up there with her best work and she is finally moving towards an album in this era. The record will be titled Manic and is out on the 17th of January. While that is still a long wait, she immediately shares the brand new track ‘Graveyard’.

With ‘Graveyard’ as a title and ‘Nightmare’ fresh in our minds, I expected this new single to be a dark and moody affair, but I was wrong (well, at least partly). The track is a contemporary pop tune with some hip-hop influences, but mostly has a light and accessible production. The track starts out with an acoustic guitar riff and then builds into a proper pop tune with handclaps and smooth synth melodies. Lyrically, the ‘Graveyard’ theme is not as dark as expected either. ‘Graveyard’ is a love song in which Halsey says she will keep digging deeper to be where her lover is. ”I know when you go down all your darkest roads, I would’ve followed all the way to the graveyard”, she sings. Of course this could be interpreted as being about an unhealthy relationship in which Halsey sacrifices everything, but all things considered, ‘Graveyard’
is a sonically lighter affair than I expected. Interestingly enough, Halsey seems to have decided that ‘Nightmare’ with a darker sound won’t be part of the album. ‘Graveyard’ is a more than serviceable single, but it is a shame we might not hear anything else in similar vein
to ‘Nightmare

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