Single Review: Pet Shop Boys feat. Years & Years – Dreamland

pet shop boys dreamland

Pet Shop Boys and Years & Years team up on synth pop banger ‘Dreamland’
The thought of synth pop, disco and dance pioneers Pet Shop Boys ever collaborating with modern days heroes in the same genre Years & Years never really crossed my mind. Now that it is a reality, it makes so much sense though! Pet Shop Boys, known for legendary tunes such as ‘West End Girls’, ‘It’s A Sin’ and their covers of ‘Always On My Mind’ and ‘Go West’, started a new era which will lead into an album and a greatest hits tour with the brand new single ‘Dreamland’. Singer Neil Tennant duets with Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander, known for hits like ‘King’, ‘Shine’ and ‘If You’re Over Me’.

‘Dreamland’ does sound exactly like you would expect it to. The track co-written by Tennant, Alexander and Chris Lowe and produced by Stuart Price, is larger than life synth pop with a banger of a chorus and some clear disco influences. Both Tennant and Alexander have very distinctive sounds of voice, but they blend well together when they take on the second verse together. The lyrics describe a place that is a ‘free land where everyone is welcome to stay’ as they add they are ‘tired of their homeland’, which of course has some deeper, possibly political meaning behind it. This tune has both acts on top of their game. This should be played in gay clubs for years to come, thank you very much!

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