Single Review: Bebe Rexha – You Can’t Stop The Girl

bebe rexha you can't stop the girl

Bebe Rexha delivers a typical Disney soundtrack for new Maleficent movie
Maleficent is back! After the 2014 movie with Angelina Jolie for which Lana Del Rey recorded a moody and dark version of the classic ‘Once Upon A Dream’, the sequel Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil will be released in October. This time around, American pop star Bebe Rexha delivers the soundtrack, titled ‘You Can’t Stop The Girl’. The straightforward pop song has the midtempo yet uplifting vibe, empowering lyrics and middle-of-the-road sound you would expect from a Disney movie soundtrack. The hooks are on point and Rexha’s vocals sound nice enough, but just when the track seems to get interesting, it already seems to be over. About halfway through, the 2 minutes and 38 seconds long track seems to pick up pace and build some drama, only to go back to just Rexha’s vocals for the last couple of lines. ‘You Can’t Stop The Girl’ is by no means a bad song, but this build up could have done so much more if the track had received a bit more room to breathe.

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