Single Review: Christina Aguilera – Haunted Heart

Christina Aguilera goes all spooky on The Addams Family soundtrack
Christina Aguilera finally returned with new solo material last year when the comeback album Liberation dropped. The pop star celebrated 20 years of her debut single ‘Genie In a Bottle’ earlier this year and now treats us to her new track ‘Haunted Heart’ recorded for the soundtrack of the movie The Addams Family. The track, co-written by Aguilera, Tim James and Antonina Armato and produced by Rock Mafia, echoes the spooky vibe of the movie. The rhythm is suspenseful and there is some traces of jazz and early days R&B in the production, but most of all it is a theatrical piece of pop which allows Aguilera to give an unusual and slightly creepy vocal performance. The track is freakishly catchy and has a more than decent hook and production, but it is Aguilera who steals the show with her expressive, sometimes almost comical delivery. This suits the movie exceptionally well and shows a more playful side to Aguilera’s art.

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