Single Review: Halsey – Clementine

halsey clementine

Halsey slows things down on latest single ‘Clementine’
Halsey recently announced that her third record Manic will be out in January 2020 and will feature worldwide hit ‘Without Me’ and recent single ‘Graveyard’. I still haven’t fully forgiven her for not including the punk pop anthem ‘Nightmare’ on the tracklist, but new track ‘Clementine’ deserves some praise. Although we already know Halsey to be an honest and open songwriter, we don’t often hear her as vulnerable as on this tune. The production is completely stripped back and centers around Halsey’s vocals, who shouts the lyrics back to herself backing vocals to herself in the second part of the chorus. It creates a haunting sound. The lyrics about not needing anyone, but at the same time needing everyone, are well put and clever with some references to the words of her earlier material. The title is thought to be a reference to Kate Winslet’s character in the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, whom Halsey has mentioned in interviews. In the music video the pop star performs an interpretive dance together with her brother. ‘Clementine’ is new ground for Halsey, but it suits her well.

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