Single Review: Fleur East – Figured Out

fleur east figured out

Fleur East takes it slow on new single ‘Figured Out’
2019 started so promising for Fleur East. The X Factor UK runner-up launched her comeback single ‘Favourite Thing’ in the first week of the year. The afrobeat inspired banger absolutely deserved to smash, but chart success did not happen. The ‘Sax’ singer disappeared for a while, but is finally ready to give it another go. Her brand new single is titled ‘Figured Out’ and sounds different from anything we have heard from her before. The production is laidback and Fleur’s vocals are warm and sensual. In terms of genre, ‘Figured Out’ leans more towards modern day R&B than the straight up pop bangers she served us before. The production is on point and the melody is catchy enough, but the chorus does become somewhat repetitive towards the end of the song. I just wish that they did a little bit more with it as it lacks some type of climax now. As ‘Favourite Thing’ surprisingly failed to make much of an impact, I unfortunately don’t think that ‘Figured’ Out’ will be able to turn things around. I am still going to use it for my slow jam playlist though!

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