Single Review: Niall Horan – Nice To Meet Ya

niall horan nice to meet ya.jpg

Niall Horan sounds mature and confident on new single
Niall Horan’s solo career was off to a more than decent start with the hit single ‘This Town’ back in 2016. He launched his debut recordĀ FlickerĀ in 2017. The record, although a bit mellow and safe, did show us his versatility with a a hint of more sexy and sensual pop like ‘Slow Hands’. The former One Direction star just made an impressive comeback with the single ‘Nice To Meet Ya’. The track, co-written by Horan, RuthAnne and Tobias Jesso Jr. and produced by Julian Bunetta, takes us back to the late nineties and early noughties with a bit of ‘Let Me Entertain You’ by Robbie Williams in the piano rhythm. There is hand claps, prominent guitars and drums and Horan’s vocals which sound deeper and more confident than ever before. The chorus is very simple, but also a thrilling ride and the little melody he keeps humming is infectious and effective. This would be a perfect soundtrack to a sexy action comedy blockbuster. Can we still make this happen? If not, we at least have the music video in which Horan confidently struts his stuff down the street! I did not expect him to pull off a track like this, but he just did!

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