EP Review: Adam Lambert – VELVET: Side A

adam lambert velvet side a

Adam Lambert finds a sound that works for him on VELVET
Adam Lambert decided to make some big changes at the start of this year. The pop star was unhappy with the course of his solo career and decided to sign with independent label EMPIRE for a new start. He released a couple of tunes, announced his next solo album titled VELVET and then decided to release this record in two parts. VELVET: Side A has seen the light of day and it features what appears to be exactly the music Lambert himself wants to make.

The previously released tracks ‘Feel Something’ with which he kicked off the era, proper first single ‘New Eyes’ and follow up ‘Comin In Hot’ are not part of this Side A, but will hopefully appear on Side B, to be released at a later stage. Instead, Side A opens with the absolutely fierce single ‘Superpower‘, produced by Tommy English. Over rocking guitars and a filthy bass line, Lambert sticks up for discriminated minorities and claims back his superpower. The only right way to open this EP really!

Lambert continues to give us sass with the ridiculously catchy ‘Stranger You Are’, a swinging pop song with elements of rock and some irresistible trumpet action. He proudly sings about how people try to judge him for being different (‘the stranger you are, they wanna keep you locked in the dark’), but how he does not let that stop him from living his successful life. ‘Overglow’, co-written by pop artist MNEK, is another upbeat tune with guitars and a subtle rock vibe, but this time based in a more eighties inspired synth pop sound. Lambert seems to describe the current world as a place where people are connected through their phones all the time, but don’t connect face to face as much anymore.

‘Loverboy’ is another one of Lambert’s sexy bops with a thick bassline running through. The tune has got hooks in all the right places with an infectious post chorus and needless to say Lambert’s delivery is on fire. For ‘Ready To Run’ he ironically slows the pace down slightly. It is a guitar heavy tune with another confident performance by Lambert. It is like he is even more aware of the great reach of his voice and he sounds more passionate than ever. That goes for the only ballad in the collection, ‘Closer To You’, as well. The piano intro shows some similarities to ‘Let It Be’ by The Beatles, but gets is very own identity soon after. Lambert lists all the things he would do to save a relationship after not being there often enough for his partner due to his busy schedule. This is the most vulnerable he sounds on all of the EP and it is one of the most beautiful ballads of his career!

VELVET: Side A serves us exactly the Adam Lambert he wants to be, but also exactly what we want to hear. He sounds more passionate, confident and at ease than ever before and he has the tunes to back it up. Bring on Side B!

8 thoughts on “EP Review: Adam Lambert – VELVET: Side A

  1. Love all of Velvet Side A. The songs are infectious, so clever and really want to make me dance. Love it!!!!!

  2. All of this man’s albums are stellar but this new incarnation is dreamy, and so hook-laden with lyrics – “missing what money can’t buy” – i’ve had it on repeat since the 27th

  3. Love Side A. I love Closer To You…think a lot can relate to it! Superpower and the others make my feet move even when sitting down! Love Adams new music!

  4. Absolutely the best of Adam Lambert so far. I’m so happy to see him coming into his own. Even more happy for the recognition he’s finally getting for his talents and beautiful voice.

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