Single Review: Harry Styles – Lights Up


Harry Styles surprises fans with sudden release of new single ‘Lights Up’
Did Harry Styles just pull a BeyoncĂ©!? Pretty much! The singer just released a brand new single titled ‘Lights Up’ with a music video without any prior announcement. It is his first solo work after he launched his self titled debut record back in 2017, following the succes of his anthemic leads single ‘Sign of the Times’. There is no word yet on a sophomore record, but things seem to have been set in motion with the release of the moody comeback track ‘Lights Up’.

Styles co-wrote the track with Kid Harpoon and Tyler Johnson, who also produced the tune and whom he worked with on most of his debut too. The track could best be described as a laidback guitar and beats driven mid-tempo pop track with an uplifting vibe. When the ‘Shine, step into the light’ part comes around, it is like the sun breaks through the clouds, which makes sense in relation to the lyrics as well. He gets back up from a choir which adds a subtle gospel vibe to the mix. This part only comes around once in the song, although it is catchier than the actual chorus. The build up is quite unusual in that sense. It is interesting and I cannot stress enough that the production is exquisite, but at the same time the song now lacks a proper climax. The outro is beautiful, but it could have used another uplifting ‘Shine!’ moment. Having said that, ‘Lights Up’ is a beautiful song that makes me perched for his new era.

Styles also released a dark, moody, sometimes sexy and very stylish video for ‘Lights Up’.

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