Single Review: Katy Perry – Harleys In Hawaii

katy perry harleys in hawaii

Katy Perry goes sensual on laidback bop ‘Harleys In Hawaii’
While we in Europe already said goodbye to summer, Katy Perry is still holding on to breezy summer days with her new single ‘Harleys In Hawaii’. The singer returned earlier this year with the massive pop tune ‘Never Really Over‘. Follow up ‘Small Talk’, although cute and irresistibly catchy, could not really match its predecessor’s quality or success. Perry is now onto her third solo single of the year and she wrote it with the same team as ‘Small Talk’, including pop star Charlie Puth who co-produced it too. ‘Harleys In Hawaii’ is a step in the right direction again.

Perry serves us a laid-back track that starts out with a guitar riff, but has a simple hiphop beat kicking in. It is safe to say that Perry’s vocal delivery on this steamy love song is more sensual and sultry than ever before. It suits her well! The chorus of ‘Harleys In Hawaii’ is not necessarily a bombastic or climaxing banger, but it subtly finds its way into the depths of your subconsciousness. It is warm, charming and breezy. In the final chorus she serves us some proper ad libs which give the tune a much needed climax. Vocal acrobatics are not as common in pop anymore as they were at the start of the century, but Perry fills that gap at least slightly. This single and music video make me want to ride a motor bike in Hawaii too!

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