Single Review: Agnes – Nothing Can Compare

agnes nothing can compare

Agnes drops EP with new single ‘Nothing Can Compare’
Swedish pop star Agnes, who took Europe by storm back in 2009 when her singles ‘Release Me’ and ‘On And On’ became hits, made a proper comeback earlier this year. After appearing on posthumous Avicii track ‘Tough Love’, she dropped her very own double single ‘Limelight’ and ‘I Trance’. She now puts both tracks together with new single ‘Nothing Can Compare’, instrumental banger ‘Not Dangerous’ and a couple of interludes on theĀ Nothing Can CompareĀ EP.

With ‘Limelight’, Agnes stayed true to her dance-pop and disco sound of ten years ago, but at the same time pushed it into more experimental territory with a stunning production she created with Vargas & Lagola, who worked on every song on the EP. ‘I Trance’ saw her go down the hypnotic trance road with restrained vocals and an adventurous production with deep beats.

Although catchy, these tunes weren’t exactly tailor made for radio, but new single ‘Nothing Can Compare’ is more accessible on first listen. The absolutely euphoric bop is full of love and echoes some subtle disco influences, but mainly takes inspiration from the pop bangers of the eighties. The production is retro and contemporary at the same time and Agnes delivers some absolutely lush vocals. Those high notes in the chorus are to die for! Needless to say the hooks are there too. I ain’t even exaggerating when I say Agnes dropped three of the strongest pop songs of the year! Stop sleeping on them, people!

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