Single Review: HAIM – Now I’m In It

haim now I'm in it

HAIM returns to form with excellent new single ‘Now I’m In It’
HAIM are properly kicking off the promotion for their upcoming third record. The sisters came back earlier this year with the breezy single ‘Summer Girl’ and also appeared on the track ‘Warm’ on Charli XCX’s record Charli. They just released a new single titled ‘Now I’m In It’, which they co-wrote with Ramesh Srivastava and Rostam Batmanglij while Danielle Haim, Batmanglij and Ariel Rechtshaid signed for the production. Danielle explained that people might think ‘Now I’m In It’ is a break up song, but it is actually her talking to herself in a time of depression. “Every time I’ve been depressed- it takes me accepting that I need help, to start to get out of it. it’s gotten a little easier as i have gotten older to recognize the symptoms and remind myself that when this happens, i need to seek help”, she wrote in a statement about the song, hoping to help out listeners who deal with similar issues.

The lyrics are strong and written in a manner they could be relatable to everyone, but what about the music? I am happy to report this is HAIM’s absolute best single in a good while. The song brings back the groovy guitar riffs that made us fall in love with HAIM in the first place while the melodies are impeccable. The way they bring back the first verse as backing vocals during the chorus later on is a genius move. The harmonies are on point as always! The production itself becomes more adventurous as the song keeps building towards a climax. If that all was not enough, they also recorded a brilliant video to go with the tune. This has me properly excited for a third HAIM record!


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