Concert Review: Anna of the North – Dream Girl Tour at Paradiso, Amsterdam

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Anna of the North successfully introduces brand new material in Amsterdam
Just over two years after her last club show in Amsterdam, Anna of the North returned to the Dutch capital with her second album, titled Dream Girl, under her belt. Last time she was here, she had just launched her debut Lovers, full of shiny, eighties inspired synth pop productions. Although the overall pace on Dream Girl is somewhat slower and the productions are less glossy and more grounded, her live show proves the tunes are as infectious as ever.

Anna Lotterud took the stage with her two band members who play the drums, keys and guitar. She plays a smooth and well balanced setlist of tracks from both albums and the audience in the upstairs hall of the concert venue welcome every single tune with open arms. This sure has its effect on Anna’s performance as her confidence grows and the way she sells the tunes gets more energetic with every single song. With the loud cheers in between the songs (especially considering the size of the room), she keeps repeating she wants to move to Amsterdam.

‘Playing Games’, one of the singles she dropped before the new record, turns out be a floor filling crowd favourite. The deep beat and catchy hand claps make the audience dance while her fans eagerly sing along to the lyrics about keeping a love interest wanting more by playing with their heart. She tells the crowd that first single ‘Leaning On Myself’ is her personal favourite and this self-love anthem proves itself to be a swaying singalong song. Anna moves us with the heartbreak ballad ‘When R U Coming Home’, but just as easily brings a light and breezy vibe with the uplifting love song ‘My Love’, the irresistibly catchy title track ‘Dream Girl’ and the flirty single ‘Thank Me Later’.

Of course she did not forget about her earlier hits. The eighties synths of ‘Someone’ are still a highlight in her discography and this show, while she saves the dreamy melancholy of ‘The Dreamer’ until the very end. She then comes back once more to make us sing along to perhaps her most well known song ‘Lovers’. She finishes with the explosive pop tune ‘Fire’ that is too easy on the ear to not sing and dance along to. Anna herself even jumps in the crowd to dance with her fans. A euphoric climax to a very satisfying performance. She shows growth both in terms of stage presence and songwriting. Anna of the North is here to stay!



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