Concert Review: Shura – Forevher Tour at Melkweg, Amsterdam


Shura brings stunning Forevher album to life in Amsterdam
Just over three years after Shura graced us with her fabulous synth pop debut record Nothing’s Real, she finally returned with follow up album Forevher last August. The British pop artist, born Alexandra Denton, came back swinging as the record was showered in praise from critics. All this praise was deserved if you ask me, as she stepped up her game both in terms of production and lyrics and her debut was already impressive to begin with. Shura is currently touring with the record and stopped by Melkweg in Amsterdam for a concert last week. This is what went down!

Shura brought Rosie Lowe along as supporting act, who took the stage all on her own to play her atmospheric electronic pop songs. Shura brought two band members with her who played drums, guitar and keys while she herself played the too latter two too. She kicked off the show with the soaring and romantic comeback single ‘BKLYNLDN’ (Brooklyn, London). Her vocals are warm and smooth throughout while her stage presence is shy yet welcoming and endearing above all. Those who have witnessed her live during her debut era, could immediately see that she has grown confidence as a performer.

She plays some of her strongest more upbeat tunes early on in the show, like the compelling title track of her first album ‘Nothing’s Real’ which she wrote about a panic attack she suffered from as well as the dreamy synth pop love song ‘Religion (U Can Lay Your Hands On Me)’. It is not the only track that spreads warm loving feelings in Melkweg that night. ‘Side Effects’, one of the absolute highlights on Forevher, simply makes you want to sway along and fall in love while you are at it. The soaring chorus of ‘Forever’ will probably have not left the minds of the visitors of the concert for at least the rest of the night.

Although the focus is on new work during the concert, Shura did not forget about the tunes that helped her get to where she is these days. ‘Touch’, the song that meant her breakthrough and might still be her most well known tune, has a prominent spot towards the end of the setlist, while she turned ‘2Shy’ in an even slower jam than it already was. Still captivating though! ‘White Light’ makes for a satisfying climax to the show with its swinging chorus and explosive instrumental outro.

Of course, Shura comes back once more for an encore, consisting of the Forevher tracks ‘Tommy’ and ‘Skyline, Be Mine’. The slow climactic build up of the latter is a beautiful note to end the show on. Shura delivered one of the most accomplished pop albums of the year and manages to do it justice live.

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