Concert Review: Sigrid – Sucker Punch Tour at TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht

sigrid sucker punch promo

Sigrid plays a fully hit worthy setlist with her Sucker Punch tour
Sigrid first made waves in her home country Norway in 2017, with hits like ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ and ‘Plot Twist’. Soon after, other countries started showing interest and it wasn’t lang before she was named one of the brightest new stars in pop. She dropped two EPs and took her sweet time to record her debut album, titled Sucker Punch, which was released earlier this year. To celebrate that she finally has an album out, she is currently touring Europe and stopped by TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht earlier this week. Here is what went down!

British duo IDER properly warm up the crowd in their role as support act with tunes from their debut album Emotional Education. Their harmonies sound great and they have numerous strong tunes, such as ‘Mirror’, ‘Saddest Generation’ and especially ‘WU Baby’ which sounds like a proper hit. Next up is Sigrid, who takes the stage in simple jeans and a white t-shirt, but proves herself to be the star of the night within the first song. She kicks off the show with the upbeat Sucker Punch single ‘Mine Right Now’. What follows is an impressive collection of excellent pop tunes, all taken from her debut album and the two EPs she dropped before. The show almost feels like a greatest hits tour as she serves countless catchy pop tunes that sound like hits. It helps that her eager fans are able to sing along to every single track.

Early on she treats us to the sassy career highlight ‘Plot Twist’. She did not forget about early days tune ‘Fake Friends’ either and neither did her fans. And rightfully so as it is still a full blown bop. Album tracks like ‘Basic’ and ‘Never Mine’ sound just as fabulous live and when she plays the confident anthem ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’, the tune that properly kicked off her career, Ronda in TivoliVredenburg almost explodes.

And there is more to Sigrids success than just her ear for flawless pop melodies. She has this cute girl next door image, to which her younger fans seem to relate. She is not glamourous or diva like, but an energetic happy-go-lucky kind of performer who jumps around bursting in spontaneous dance moves. You must be pretty sour not to get a smile on your face from so much passion and happiness on stage.

Sigrid brought along a band consisting of two guys who play drums, keys and guitar and one lady who provides excellent backing vocals. Her voice perfectly complements whatever Sigrid is laying down. Not that Sigrid’s vocals need any support in the ballads though. She makes a great impression behind her keyboard, performing ‘Dynamite’ and her latest single ‘Home To You’, which she performs live for the first time in Utrecht. It is an emotional highlight of an otherwise upbeat and colourful pop show.

Towards the end, Sigrid has to pause the concert for a few minutes as a member of the audience requires medical assistance, but the singer manages to continue in full force after the incident. She saved pop bangers ‘Strangers’ and ‘Don’t Feel Like Crying’ for the very last and they make for the uplifting climax this show deserves. Sigrid has bucket loads of potential pop hits, a young and active fan base and a very bright future ahead of her.

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