Single Review: Justin Bieber – Yummy

justin bieber yummy

Justin Bieber makes big comeback with new solo single ‘Yummy’
Justin Bieber is finally back! The Canadian pop star who conquered the whole world (and not just the teenage girls’ hearts) with his 2015 album Purpose, including hit singles like ‘What Do You Mean’, ‘Sorry’ and ‘Love Yourself’, made us wait for new solo material for over four years. Of course there were quite some collaborations to keep us occupied, of which Ed Sheeran duet ‘I Don’t Care’ and the remix of ‘Bad Guy’ by Billie Eilish were the most recent ones. Bieber took a break from the spotlight and got married, but is ready for his big comeback, as he promised an album and world tour are coming in 2020, as well as a documentary series on YouTube. The first new single titled ‘Yummy’ is out now, but is it any good?

‘Yummy’, co-written by Bieber himself, Noah Sammak, Ashley Boyd and Poo Bear, and produced by Poo Bear, Sasha Sirota and Kid Culture, is a laidback R&B tune with a prominent trap beat. The chorus is instantly catchy thanks to its super simple and repetitive lyrics. The track is basically an ode to his wife Hailey Baldwin and their sex life. It is steamy and loving, but somehow the ‘yummy-yum’ parts still sound childish and uninspired. At the same time, I keep singing it over and over in my head. ‘Yummy’ is definitely not the pop classic that ‘Sorry’ turned out to be, but it is damn contagious and basically irresistible. This might be the first big hit of 2020!

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