Single Review: Demi Lovato – Anyone

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Demi Lovato releases brave comeback single ‘Anyone’
Demi Lovato went through a rough patch in life in the past two years. Just a couple of weeks after she admitted she experienced a relapse in her fight against addiction with the release of the ballad ‘Sober’, she was rushed to hospital because of a severe overdose. She left the spotlight for a long time to work on her health. She seems to be doing better at the moment and used the Grammy Awards ceremony to make her big comeback. Live on stage, she performed the deeply personal song ‘Anyone’, which she recorded shortly before the overdose.

Lovato described the song as a ‘cry for help’ in an interview before the Grammy’s and it certainly is not hard to hear what she meant. She literally sings that no one is listening to her and begs for anyone to help her. The piano ballad is hard to listen to, thinking about the state she was in when she wrote it. The bits where she sings she felt stupid when she sang and when she prayed are absolutely heartbreaking. The vocal delivery, even in the studio version, is kept raw and unpolished, which helps get the message across. It is such a brave move by Miss Lovato to put this song out as a single, let alone perform it live for millions of people to see it. She did an outstanding job and let us hope that this song will make people in a similar situation feel that they are not alone and that there is way up from where they are.

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