Single Review: Justin Bieber – Get Me (feat. Kehlani)

justin bieber changes.jpg

Justin Bieber announces album and drops duet with Kehlani
After spending quite some time outside of the spotlights, Justin Bieber is ready for the next chapter in his career and things are moving quickly now. After he started the new year with his comeback single ‘Yummy’, he announced a YouTube-documentary about his life, titled Seasons, of which the first episode (or first four episodes if you are premium member) are available to watch. Today, he also unveiled that his next album is titled Changes and will be released on Valentine’s Day. He immediately dropped the new tune ‘Get Me’ too, which is a duet with R&B star Kehlani.

It should be clear by now that Bieber is fully embracing his passion for R&B on this record. The lead single was already a strong indication of where he is heading and the same goes for ‘Get Me’. Together with Kehlani, he delivers a laid-back and sensual duet. The warm and sexy love song does not really have much of a build up, but Bieber does show off the higher register of his vocals in the ad libs towards the end. ‘Get Me’ is a pleasant enough promo track, but it does not sound like a massive hit to these ears. Let us hope Bieber has some proper killer tracks lined up for the coming weeks to properly show off this new direction.


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