Single Review: Dua Lipa – Physical

dua lipa physical

Dua Lipa continues flawless Future Nostalgia campaign with ‘Physical’
Dua Lipa kicked off a new album campaign late last year with the release of the insanely catchy disco inspired pop tune ‘Don’t Start Now’. It was easily one of last year’s best singles and the British pop star kept impressing us with stunning visuals and outstanding live televised performances of the song. The release of the title track of her upcoming second album, ‘Future Nostalgia’, showed us that Lipa wasn’t following trends as much this time, but is perfecting her own brand of current pop with throwback elements picked carefully from pop music’s rich history. With new single ‘Physical’ she proves that she is about to aim for the album of the year title.

Lipa co-wrote ‘Physical’ with Sarah Hudson, Jason Evigan and Clarence Coffee Jr. while the song was produced by Evigan and KOZ. While ‘Don’t Start Now’ had a clear disco vibe going on, ‘Physical’ seems rooted in the slick synth pop of the eighties. The production of this tune is an easy A+. That soaring synth in the background of the chorus is a genius touch and the suspense in the verses perfectly underlines the sexual tension in the lyrics. ‘Physical’ has an arena filling sing along chorus with an irresistible hook, but does not fully depend on it. The verses are just as strong and that middle-eight in which she raises her voice to beg her lover to keep on dancing is the moment! ‘Physical’ should be used in every this-is-how-you-write-the-perfect-pop-song tutorial from now on.

Dua Lipa delivered an outstanding debut album back in 2017, but she is upping her game in every single way for this follow up. Future Nostalgia is out on the 3rd of April and I am dying to hear more!

Update: Dua Lipa dropped the video for ‘Physical’ and it does the track justice. It is an explosion of neon colors with slick choreography and the middle-eight bit where she circles around in yellow is stunning!

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