Single Review: Hayley Williams – Leave It Alone

hayley williams leave it alone

Hayley Williams drops second single from debut solo album
Hayley Williams finally kicked off a proper solo campaign after being the lead singer of Paramore for over 15 years. Her debut album Petals For Armor is out on the 8th of May and the intriguing lead single ‘Simmer’ came out last week. Williams keeps the promo machine going with the release of second single ‘Leave It Alone’, a stripped back affair about loss. The melodies are straightforward and the production light and simple, making way for the lyrics to grab the attention fully. “Now that I want to live,  well, everybody around me is dying”, she sings with restrained vocals. “Who else am I gonna lose before I am ready? And who’s gonna lose me?” she asks herself. The words about grief, hurt, loss and healing are universally relatable and Hayley’s vocals makes you feel them all at the same time.

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