Single Review: Adam Lambert – Roses (feat. Nile Rodgers)

Adam Lambert Roses

Adam Lambert drops sultry disco tune ‘Roses’ with Nile Rodgers
Adam Lambert came back swinging last year after he signed with independent label EMPIRE. He dropped the VELVET: Side A EP, which makes up half of his upcoming studio album VELVET, out on March 20th. To properly kick off the campaign for the promotion of the full record, he releases the brand new single ‘Roses’, a collaboration with Chic’s Nile Rodgers. With the three singles he released before the EP and now ‘Roses’, we have already heard 10 out of 13 songs on the record. Not much left to surprise us with, but at least we already know this is going to be an excellent record!

So far it seemed evident that Lambert is finally making exactly the music he wants to be making and ‘Roses’ is no exception. Together with Nile Rodgers, he delivers a smooth disco anthem with a funky bass rhythm and some seriously sultry and warm vocal work. He sounds understated for his standards, but so seductive and fragile at the same time. Producer Fred Ball kept the rest of the production light and airy too, but rich and layered at the same time. The chorus has a cute, swinging melody line going on, with some gorgeous backing vocals to top it all off. The lyrics are about being in a love affair with someone that makes you feel uncertain about where things are going. “All that I got was roses, don’t mean a thing without emotions”, he sings while asking himself if the other person just wants to hook up or actually loves him. This sound allows him to use his vocals in a different manner and it suits him so, so well.


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