Single Review: Agnes – Goodlife

agnes goodlife

Agnes cues the strings on uplifting new single ‘Goodlife’
After disappearing from the spotlights for a couple of years, Swedish pop star Agnes showed us she has still got it last year. She dropped theĀ Nothing Can CompareĀ EP with fabulous tunes like ‘I Trance’ and ‘Limelight’. She decided to keep on keeping on and shared the brand new single ‘Goodlife’, which is again produced by Vargas & Lagola. In comparison to its predecessors, ‘Goodlife’ sounds a little more organic and is driven by prominent strings from start to finish. There is some disco influences to be found, but the drums and melodies almost sound like an hommage to The Supremes. ‘Goodlife’, as the title suggests, is an uplifting love song with a contagiously happy vibe and a hook so catchy it makes you want to fall in love so you can hum it all day. 2020 would be a good year for a new Agnes album, just saying.

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