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dotter bulletproof

Dotter finally gets recognition she deserves with ‘Bulletproof’
Don’t we all just love a proper redemption story? Well, here’s one about Swedish pop artist Dotter anyway! This absolute star has been continuously dropping excellent pop tunes, including the track ‘Cry’, with which she was kicked out in the first round of Melodifestivalen (the Swedish national final for Eurovision) in 2018. She was brave enough to come back to the competition this year and this time around she grabbed a ticket straight to the final. To make it even better, her song ‘Bulletproof’ is now the favourite to win the whole thing and represent Sweden at Eurovision in Rotterdam in May. The final will take place on the 7th of March so we have to keep our fingers crossed for a little longer, but Dotter is back and bigger than ever!

Dotter (Swedish for the word ‘daughter’ and real name Johanna Jansson) co-wrote ‘Bulletproof’ with her partner Dino Medanhodzic and Erik Dahlqvist. It is a contemporary, big pop anthem that echoes the hit worthy sound of Australian pop star Sia. It is a memorable composition with hooks for days and striking lyrics: “Just shoot me in the middle where my heart’s supposed to be, the choir sings forever rest in peace”, she sings in the chorus, after declaring she is not bulletproof. What makes ‘Bulletproof’ an even stronger contender is the excellent performance. Dotter is alone on stage and has lasers aiming at her top (where her heart’s supposed to be) while she belts her heart out whilst doing iconic hair flips at the same time. Even if she doesn’t win (but let’s hope she does), she finally received more recognition from the Swedish public and ‘Bulletproof’ is probably already her biggest hit yet. She thoroughly deserves every inch of success coming her way with all those excellent tunes she gave us over the years!

Update: Despite being the bookmakers’ favourite by a margin, Dotter finished second in Melodifestivalen with only one point less than The Mamas. It is a bitter pill as a lot of us wanted to see her shine on stage in Rotterdam, but at least ‘Bulletproof’ is giving her career the boost it has been deserving for ages!

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