Single Review: Katy Perry – Never Worn White

katy perry never worn white

Katy Perry sings about marriage and announces pregnancy on new single
Although Katy Perry hasn’t released a new album since 2017’s Witness, she has been busy sharing new music over the past year. She dropped the singles ‘Never Really Over‘, ‘Small Talk‘ and ‘Harleys In Hawaii‘ without revealing any news about a possible new LP. Now she has got another single out, titled ‘Never Worn White’, which is all about the happiness she found in her personal life. Perry is engaged to actor Orlando Bloom and the song is all about how she was scared to open up to him, but how glad she is she did say ‘yes’ when he proposed. Perry wrote the piano and strings driven ballad with Jacob Kasher, John Ryan and Johan Carlsson. She recorded a classy video to go with the tune and at the end she even reveals she is pregnant with her first child. ‘Never Worn White’ is definitely not a highlight in her discography and might come across a bit too cheesy to those who aren’t happily engaged, but this personal release sure is a beautiful memory for her family for years to come. It might definitely strike a chord with those who find themselves in a similar situation to Katy’s, so who knows her personal happiness even delivers her another chart hit too!

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