Single Review: Demi Lovato – I Love Me

demi lovato i love me

Demi Lovato works on learning to love herself on new single
Demi Lovato made an impressive comeback at the Grammy Awards ceremony earlier this year, when she gave a heartfelt performance of the single ‘Anyone’. The track was about the tough period she went through, battling an eating disorder and addiction. Her new single ‘I Love Me’ is a new chapter in her road to healing. On the track she co-wrote with a team of songwriters including UK pop star Anne-Marie, she sings about how she is her own worst critic and always beats herself up about stuff. She recognizes the pattern and reminds herself she is a ‘ten out of ten’ even when she forgets it. The message is packed in an anthemic upbeat pop song, that is somewhat reminiscent of Anne-Marie’s own sound as well. Lovato sells the song with a lot of personality and big vocals. I’m sure a lot of her fans can relate to the lyrics so maybe Lovato can even convince some of them to give themselves a little bit more love while she is learning to do so herself too.

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