Eurovision 2020 Review: Sweden – The Mamas – Move

the mamas sweden eurovision

Sweden sends last year’s backing vocalists The Mamas
Sweden’s success in the Eurovision Song Contest is something most countries can only dream of. The country finished in top 10 six years in a row (of which five times top 5) and won twice in the past ten years, as well as two other top 3 placements. This all has to do with their very professional national final Melodifestivalen, which is even more popular in Sweden than Eurovision itself. Last year, John Lundvik represented his country with the song ‘Too Late For Love’. With the help of his backing vocalists The Mamas, he reached top 5. The Mamas are doing it on their own this year with the song ‘Move’.

The Mamas managed to win Melodifestivalen with just one point ahead of the big favorite of the night, singer Dotter with her song ‘Bulletproof’. Their song ‘Move’, written by Herman Gardarfve, Melanie Wehbe and Patrik Jean, is in a similar style to last year’s entry: a soulful pop anthem with some gospel influences and a feelgood-vibe. Although ‘Too Late For Love’ had a chorus with more of an impact, ‘Move’ swings more throughout. It is uplifting, instantly catchy and easy to sing along to.

Unsurprisingly, The Mamas, who really lifted last year’s performance up, sound stunning and look the part too. Their fun on stage is contagious to watch and they know very well how to connect with the cameras. Their charismatic performance sure elevates the song and it honestly is a joy to watch them. Sweden has done better with juries than televoters in the past few years and this year the same could happen, although I would be surprised if the people at home would ignore them. This should easily qualify for the final, although I am not convinced yet it will give Sweden their seventh top 10 placing in a row. The song is very pleasant, but maybe not the most memorable when hearing 25 others.



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