Single Review: Florence + The Machine – Light Of Love

florence machine light of love

Florence + The Machine release single with proceeds going to fight against Covid-19
When Florence + The Machine released their fourth and most recent record High As Hope back in 2018, quite a few of the recorded tunes did not make it on the the 10 song tracklist and were left on the cutting room floor. Leading lady Florence Welch decided to go back and pick up the track ‘Light Of Love’, to release it and donate all the proceeds to The Intensive Care Society Covid-19 fund.

‘Light Of Love’, which Florence created with Doveman, Andrew Wyatt en Emile Haynie, fits in perfectly with the sound of High As Hope, which was more subdued and subtle for Florence’s standards. The build up is slow burning but satisfying and vocally Florence shines as brightly as she always does. In the lyrics, she once more opens up about her drug use in the past as well as her bond with her sister. The main hook features the lyrics ‘Don’t go blindly into the dark, in every one of us shines the light of love’ which is a beautiful message in trying times.

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