Song of the Day: Dagny – Somebody

dagny somebody

Dagny perfects her pop craft on new single ‘Somebody’
In times of uncertainty, self isolation and staying inside, we sometimes just need a good old bop to cheer us up. Norwegian pop star Dagny knew this. She dropped the follow up to her excellent single ‘Come Over’ this weekend. It is titled ‘Somebody’ and it is upbeat, sparkly electro pop we only ever get from the Scandinavian countries. Should we be surprised that Dagny delivered such a flawless slice of pop? Not really, because she has done so on multiple occasions before 2020. ‘Backbeat’ and ‘Wear Nothing’ are both outstanding tunes and ‘Love You Like That’ inspired Katy Perry’s ‘Never Really Over’, for which Dagny got credited as well.

So what makes ‘Somebody’ basically the perfect pop song? (not that anyone would still be asking this question after listening, but I’ll still answer anyway). This is one of those tracks that rushes by in full force, making you want to hit that replay button over and over. The verses are melodically speaking just as strong as that infectious and swinging chorus and the energetic production underlines this. Dagny’s voice sounds endearing and perfectly conveys that warm feeling of falling head over heals in love with someone, even when you thought that would not happen to you anymore. The uplifting hook does not leave you after the first play, but does not get old after multiple replays either. Believe me, I have tested this in the past few days! Dagny just dropped one of 2020’s finest pop moments so far and ‘Somebody’ sure will help us enjoy these weird months a bit more!

Dagny is planning to release her debut album in September, but will already share the first six tracks on the 22nd of May. Bring it on!

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