Single Review: Delta Goodrem – Keep Climbing

delta goodrem keep climbing

Delta Goodrem returns with piano ballad ‘Keep Climbing’
Delta Goodrem is finally ready to kick off a new chapter in her career. The Australian pop singer-songwriter released her most recent album Wings Of The Wild back in 2016. She had another hit with the single ‘Think About You’ in 2018 and released the song ‘Let It Rain’ earlier this year of which benefits went to the Australian bush fire relief efforts. Now she releases the song ‘Keep Climbing’, telling us to keep our chin up and find strength when we think we have lost it.

‘Keep Climbing’, written by Goodrem, Matthew Copley and Sebastian Kole, starts out as a delicate piano ballad with powerful and inspiring lyrics and stunning vocal work. From the second chorus on, Goodrem is joined by a choir, heading for an epic finale. Goodrem keeps belting as the choir repeats to her to just keep climbing. The melodies are elegant and soar beautifully and those lyrics should speak to us even more now: “Two mountains, I’m caught in the middle. Can’t see the forest before the trees. This climbing breaks me a little, but the hope inside of me, that this lonely valley leads to a bridge over troubled dreams.” You can always count on Delta Goodrem to lift our spirits a bit!

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