Single Review: Netta – Cuckoo

netta cuckoo

Netta shows a different side with new single ‘Cuckoo’
After winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018 for Israel with the bonkers banger ‘Toy’, Netta has released a handful of upbeat single in a largely similar style, like ‘Bassa Sababa‘ and ‘Nana Banana‘. In Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light, the alternative Eurovision show that was aired at the time the final of the 2020 contest was supposed to take place, the Israeli pop star showed a completely different side to her art. She performed her new single ‘Cuckoo’ with just a music box.

Netta performed the track on a bed in her pajamas, completely stripped back. It was a beautiful and quiet moment in the show which showcased her voice in a completely different manner than the theatrical way she used it on her former singles. The version of ‘Cuckoo’ released on Spotify has a bit more of a beat going on, but is still understated, giving way to Netta’s delicate vocals, as well as the beautifully soaring melody lines the pre-chorus and chorus have going on. The lyrics seem to deal with a situation in which the person you are dating is there for you, but somehow you don’t feel for them what you had hoped you’d feel. You feel like a ‘bird in a cage’ because you don’t want to hurt that person, but at the same time deep down you know you don’t love them. ‘Cuckoo’ perfectly conveys these emotions and makes me hungry for more of this side of Netta.

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