Single Review: Ellie Goulding – Power

ellie goulding power

Ellie Goulding releases her best single in over a year with ‘Power’
Things are finally moving for the release of Ellie Goulding’s fourth album. The UK pop star has been spoon feeding us new singles, of which most did not match the levels of her previous albums, for over a year now. Her new single ‘Power’ is actually supposed to lead into the album release. After dropping the single Goulding announced on social media that news about the next record, follow up to 2015’s Delirium, will follow next week. It is promising to be able to state that ‘Power’ is easily her best single since she dropped the breathtaking ‘Flux’.

For ‘Power’, Goulding leaves the trap and hip hop beats for what they are and delivers a electronic pop production with a deep pulsing beat and a big, instantly memorable chorus. Said chorus, interestingly enough, interpolates ‘Be The One’, Dua Lipa’s first international hit and so the writers of that tune are credited for ‘Power’ too. On social media, Goulding explained that ‘Power’ ‘reflects indulgence in superficial relationships, but also is an embrace of my own sexuality’. She feels that in the age of social media, a lot of us are disillusioned with romance and although that is what the song is about, she didn’t want to leave us without any euphoric moments and a euphoric moment is exactly what she serves with that chorus! If this is the direction she goes in with the new album, consider me on the edge of my seat again!

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