Single Review: Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande – Rain On Me

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Lady Gaga joins forces with Ariana Grande on dance floor filler ‘Rain On Me’
We are only one week away from the release of Lady Gaga’s sixth album, titledĀ Chromatica. After launching lead single ‘Stupid Love’ earlier this year, Gaga postponed the album once because of the Covid-19 crisis, but now realizes a record full of upbeat pop is actually what the world needs right now. Before we get to hear the full thing she shares one more single, which is ‘Rain On Me’, a collaboration with Ariana Grande.

‘Rain On Me’ was written by a team of nine songwriters including Gaga and Grande, while Bloodpop, Burns and Tchami signed for the production. A collaboration by two of the biggest pop stars on the planet will always be met with huge expectations, but does this track live up to all that? Well, it sure lived up to mine! ‘Rain On Me’ is an dance floor filling banger about embracing the hard times and getting through them. Gaga takes on the first verse and chorus, after which she declares the words ‘Rain On Me’ in a deep voice and a beat that turns the tune into an 90s in inspired house anthem drops. Ariana then continues with the second verse and the chorus is again followed by that irresistible beat drop. By the third time the chorus comes around, it coincides with the drop which creates the euphoric ending this track deserves. The song also has a middle-eight and an outro shoved in, while it only takes three minutes of our time. It’s a wild ride and absolute pop mastery.

Sometimes with collaborations like these, it might feel like the lead artist could easily have done it on their own and making the single a duet seems a bit pointless (other than gathering more streams), but that is not the case with ‘Rain On Me’. Vocally, Gaga and Grande perfectly complement each other here. Gaga goes low and deep with her vocals here (especially in the middle-eight) while Grande shows off her characteristic high pitched little ad libs. This is the collaboration all us pop fans deserve.

Update: Gaga and Ariana dropped the video in which it does not only rain water, but knives as well. They both serve some fierce choreography and Ariana lets her hair down for once, sporting a look that is quite different than what we usually see from her. The dance scenes in which they are together show how much fun they had with this whole project!


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