Single Review: Dotter – Backfire

dotter backfire

Dotter follows up Melodifestivalen success with new single ‘Backfire’
After dropping outstanding pop anthem after outstanding pop anthem, Swedish pop star Dotter finally received some of the recognition she deserved this year when she participated in Melodifestivalen, the country’s national final for Eurovision. Dotter entered the competition with a song titled ‘Bulletproof’ and ended up as a runner up with only one point less than the eventual winners, The Mamas. In the end, Eurovision got cancelled because of Covid-19 and Dotter is ready to move on with the release of her next single, titled ‘Backfire’.

Dotter, born as Johanna Jansson, wrote the track together with her fiancee Dino Medanhodzic. They created another pure pop track with an anthemic chorus and instant, poppy hooks. The track wastes zero time to get going and Dotter lets the sunshine in with some clear summer hit vibes. ‘Backfire’ is the ‘Cheap Thrills’ to ‘Bulletproof”s ‘Chandelier’ if you want to talk about the Sia influences in her contemporary sound of pop. Dotter’s attitude seems more playful here too, telling someone not to put her down as it is going to backfire. Her vocals are as poppy and radio friendly as ever and just as accessible as that main hook. She does her brand of on trend pop tunes with undeniable melodies justice once more. If ‘Backfire’ becomes a hit, can we please get an album Dotter!?

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