Single Review: Astrid S – Dance Dance Dance

astrid s dance dance dance

Astrid S dances the pain away on shimmering synth pop single
Although Astrid S has been blessing us with some excellent pop tunes for over five years now, she still hasn’t released a debut album yet. The Norwegian pop starlet dropped two EPs and a handful of collaborations last year, on which she mostly explored a more stripped down sound. I am happy to report however, that her new single ‘Dance Dance Dance’, the first to be released of her debut record, is a glorious return to shimmering synth pop.

Astrid S, who served us the pop brilliance of tunes like ‘Hurts So Good’, ‘Breathe’ and ‘Emotion’ before, co-produced her new single with Jack & Coke. Together, they created a bouncy bop about facing tough times, but dancing through that pain. “I’m gonna dance dance dance, then it’s not gonna hurt”, she sings over the main hook of the electro pop tune. ‘Dance Dance Dance’ is a short (2.39 minutes), sweet, infectious and on trend single that could easily build hype for said debut album. It might not be her absolute best work to date, but it highlights everything she has been nailing so far as a pop artist. Astrid directed the music video of the song, in which she imagines her perfect music video on the couch with a friend and then that music video starts to actually happen on a second screen. A nice concept and Astrid sells it!


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