Single Review: Rhys – Better Break My Heart

rhys better break my heart

Rhys returns with excellent new pop tune ‘Better Break My Heart’
Swedish-American pop star Rhys had her big break in Sweden in 2017, when she released hit singles ‘Too Good To Be True’ and ‘Last Dance’. She finally released her debut album Stages, which featured the stunning ballad ‘Maybe I Will Learn’ and Felix Sandman duet ‘Starfish’, in 2018. Rhys is now ready to kick off the next phase in her career with the brand new single ‘Better Break My Heart’.

Rhys co-wrote her new tune together with Frans Thorell, Theodor Runsiƶ and Tove Burman, while TeoFrans signed for the production. Together they created an undoubtedly brilliant pop tune. That chorus is everything we need in an uncomplicated, straight forward pop song. The song doesn’t need much time to work towards the chorus. The little bridge that takes it from the verse already throws an instant hook at us, which is only elevated during the actual chorus. For those who are not completely taken away by the melody, the lyrics are pretty solid too. Rhys sings about her lover, who does not seem to be very happy lately. She is tired of being unsure what’s going on and begs that person to just break her heart if they love her, so that she can move on. She took that message and turned it into a powerful pop anthem that deserves all the radio- and streaming love that is hopefully coming its way soon!

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