Single Review: Annie – American Cars

annie dark hearts

Annie returns with ‘American Cars’ and announces first album in 11 years
Annie is back! The Norwegian pop star first made an impression all the way back in 2004, when she released her critically acclaimed debut album Anniemal, with the fabulous hit single ‘Heartbeat’. Her most recent album Don’t Stop was released in 2009 and ever since she dropped a few singles and EPs, of which Endless Vacation (2015) was the last to come out. Now, Annie announces that her third album, titled Dark Hearts, will come out on the 16th of October. First single American Cars is out now and it is everything we need an Annie single to be!

Annie co-wrote the track with Stefan Storm of The Sound of Arrows, who also produced the tune. ‘American Cars’ is a mid tempo shimmering synth pop track with a soaring chorus. Annie’s vocals are dreamy and light, while the production serves an ethereal feel. There is something absolutely magical and captivating about the melody of the chorus and Annie’s delivery throughout. The spoken word bridge is a moment too with some outstanding lyrics: “And we just go on, traveling in the headlights’ direction, when love is getting too complicated and you don’t wanna think about that, Because words can be so overrated, break free and then never look back.”

‘American Cars’ takes us straight to synth pop heaven where Annie left us all those years ago. She proves she certainly hasn’t lost her spark yet and only found more depth in her tunes. If ‘American Cars’ is anything to go by, Dark Hearts could well become a contender for pop album of the year…

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