Single Review: Troye Sivan – Rager teenager!

troye sivan in a dream

Troye Sivan drops third track of upcoming EP
With already two of the best singles of the year to his name (the heartbreaking ‘Easy’ and the delightful ‘Take Yourself Home’), Troye Sivan is only weeks away from releasing a brand new EP titled In A Dream. The mini album will have six tracks, of which ‘Rager teenager!’ is the third he releases. It exists in the same sonic universe as its two predecessors with a quite heavily electronic production, but bright and poppy melodies. Actually, the chorus on this one is quite the anthemic moment, as is the extensive outro. On social media, Sivan dedicated the song to himself. It seems to be about having all these strong feelings of love, lust and a drive to go crazy as a teenager. Another excellent tune that raises the bar even higher for the upcoming EP.

Troye also recorded a music video for the song in his bathroom in Melbourne…

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