Single Review: Duncan Laurence – Last Night

Duncan Laurence announces debut album and drops new single
Duncan Laurence finally announced his debut album Small Town Boy. More than one and a half years after his victory at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019, he will release his very first LP on the 13th of November. It will feature the Eurovision winning track ‘Arcade’ and the singles ‘Love Don’t Hate It’ and ‘Someone Else’ (which were also part of his Words On Fire EP), as well as the brand new track ‘Last Night’.

Laurence co-wrote ‘Last Night’ with Ashley Hicklin, Jordan Garfield and Miki Trybulec. The production was done by Laurence, Trybulec and Arjen Mensinga. They created an atmospheric piece of indie pop. The track starts off with guitars and is centered around Duncan’s mesmerizing vocal work. From the second chorus on, the track gets a bit more oomph as the chorus grows bigger. Just as quickly as the track builds to that climax, it goes back to just vocals and ends. In that sense, the track could have really profited from another chorus at the end to maximize the impact of the gorgeous melodies.

As it stands though, it still is a beautiful, delicate composition with soaring melodies and heartfelt lyrics. “Sometimes we have to look into ourselves to do what’s right for the people we love. It’s easy to point out someone else’s mistakes, but it takes courage to look inwards. ‘Last Night’ is my tribute to imperfect relationships”, he wrote on social media about the meaning of the song. He is a master of conveying emotions in songs and ‘Last Night’ shows that once more.

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