Single Review: Lana Del Rey – Let Me Love You Like A Woman

Lana Del Rey kicks off new era with single ‘Let Me Love You Like A Woman’
2020 did not go down as Lana Del Rey’s best year in terms of publicity so far. Earlier this year she caused controversy with remarks she made about having it harder than her black female colleagues in the music industry, which she didn’t take back after being called out for it. Just a few weeks ago she had the internet talking about her face mask at a book signing with fans that did not seem to actually cover much of her face. You would almost forget she released one of the most critically acclaimed albums, Norman Fucking Rockwell, last year. She is now back with the first single ‘Let Me Love You Like A Woman’ taken from her next record Chemtrails Over The Country Club.

At the end of one of her rants earlier this year, she announced that the album would come out on the 5th of September. That obviously did not happen and a new release date has yet to be announced, but at least there is a single now! ‘Let Me Love You Like A Woman’, was co-written and produced by Jack Antonoff, just like the majority of Norman Fucking Rockwell. Therefore it is no surprise that the song fits right in with the sound of that record.

Over piano, Del Rey sings how she wants her love interest to join her to move to a small town, leaving Los Angeles behind. In the second verse, the line ‘and I want you to come’ is changed into ‘and I need you to come’, while Lana admits she would not have any fun if he did not come with her. The song is produced in a similar manner to ‘Mariners Apartment Complex’, but lacks the captivating melodies and the tension in the build up. ‘Let Me Love You Like A Woman’, although beingLana Del Rey by the numbers, is by no means a bad song and especially the middle-eight brings some brilliant high notes. As a first single of a new era however, it does not quite surprise or reveal anything new about her as an artist and with her mighty high standard, that might just be a little disappointing.

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