Single Review: Ariana Grande – Positions

Ariana Grande kick off new album campaign with new single ‘Positions’
Ariana Grande was everywhere in 2018 and 2019. In about six months time she released two fully fledged studio albums: Sweetener and Thank U, Next. She had massive hit after massive hit and was the biggest pop star of the moment. She took a step back after the release of the second, but only a little step, because she still released collaborations with Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. Now miss Grande is ready to do it all over again. She kicks off the campaign for her sixth album, out next week, with the brand new single ‘Positions’.

‘Positions’ was co-written by Grande with a team of songwriters consisting of Killah B, James Jarvis, Angelina Barrett, London on da Track, TBHits, Mr. Franks and Nija, produced by TBHits, Mr. Franks and London on da Track. The sound of ‘Positions’ isn’t far from what Grande served us on her most recent album. The beats are laidback, her vocals sweet and sultry as ever and the melodies instant and infectious. In the lyrics, Grande sings about wanting to do things for her partner that she didn’t do in previous relationships. “This some shit that I usually don’t do, but for you, I kinda want to”, she declares while hoping that this time the love is going to last.

Although ‘Positions’ might repeat what Ariana has done before, the production is something else here. It is incredibly layered with details like strings in the right moments and even crickets. Still, it does miss that something special that a first single like ‘No Tears Left To Cry’ had. Having said that, we hold Grande to an impossibly high standard and ‘Positions’ will without a doubt be another hit for her.

Grande plays with the lyrics of the song by portraying herself as the president of the United States in a playful and fun video.

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