Single Review: Amy Shark – C’MON (feat. Travis Barker)

Amy Shark records new single ‘C’MON’ with Travis Barker
Australian singer-songwriter Amy Shark, known for genius pop hits like ‘Adore’ and ‘I Said Hi’ and her impressive debut album Love Monster, is treating us to some new music while half the world is in lockdown again. Shark released her comeback single ‘Everybody Rise’ in June and now has a follow up ready. She recorded her new track ‘C’MON’ together with Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker.

Shark and Barker wrote the track together, while Dann Hume and M-Phazes signed for the production. ‘C’MON’ is a piano and drum driven midtempo pop song with a gripping and instantly captivating chorus, mostly thanks to Shark’s emotive delivery of some painfully honest lyrics. “Drowning everyone so I can get to the top, all of these things I would like to stop”, she sings before begging for someone to help her up one more time. “What if I fall and you don’t see? I don’t wanna be responsible for me”, she admits. ‘C’MON’ is a beautiful progression of the laidback rhythms with vivid storytelling we came to know Amy Shark for. This track offers some of her best lyrical work to date. An emotional ride!

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